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7-Year-Old Traumatic Brain Injury Victim Sees Dream Come True

The dreams a 7-year-old girl has are often very different from the ones
her parents will have for her. In the case of one little girl, she dreamed
of a little backyard playhouse all her own. Her family had even bigger
dreams for the young victim of a traumatic
brain injury: that she would one day see and walk again.

The girl was recently thrilled by her discovery in the backyard of a Minnie
Mouse-themed playhouse built just for her by volunteers with the Dream
Factory, a wish-granting foundation active in Missouri and elsewhere.

\”It is awesome!\” the girl shouted as she saw the bright pink
structure behind her Tennessee home.

The same could easily be said of her progress in the past year, following
her devastating injuries in a
car accident. Her mother said doctors told her after the crash that her little girl
would never walk again and never see again. But relentless effort by the
girl – she visits doctors and therapists nearly every day –
has paid off.

“…therapy has been one of the biggest blessings because it\’s
helped her come so far,\” her mother said.

The playhouse is one the youngster will undoubtedly treasure for years
to come, but building the structure and surprising the girl with it provided
rewards for the volunteers, too.

\”It\’s very rewarding and very humbling, you know, to be able to
help,” said a construction volunteer. “You can\’t ever
go wrong helping God\’s angels for sure, because that\’s what all
these babies are.\”

Many parents thrust into similar situations will pursue with a personal
injury attorney full compensation from the driver responsible for their
child\’s injuries, medical bills, rehabilitation and possible lifelong
medical consequences.

Source: WBBJ, \”A dream is granted for 7-year-old brain injury victim,\”
Jordan Hall, July 11, 2014

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