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FMCSA may emphasize behind the wheel training for novice drivers

Sometimes, there is a clear “correct” way to accomplish a given
goal. If a goal is not pursued in this specific way, the goal’s
outcome will not be achieved. For example, if one wants to serve beef
lasagna to several guests but chooses to use eggplant as a substitute
for beef while cooking the dish, one will not be able to serve beef lasagna
to those guests. However, there are countless scenarios in which one may
choose any number of varied paths when pursuing a specific goal.

For example, there are many options one can embrace when training a novice
driver. One can place the novice driver in a simulator, teach many skills
in a classroom setting, encourage the driver to learn behind the wheel,
etc. There is no one “right” way to teach a novice driver
how to successfully become a safe and efficient motorist. However, there
may be approaches that are ultimately more beneficial than others.

Recently, an advisory committee of stakeholders invested in the issue of
commercial vehicle novice driver training concluded that behind the wheel
training is ultimately more beneficial than performance-based training.
Certainly, training drivers to operate massive commercial vehicles requires
different skill sets than training teenagers to operate light vehicles.
And it seems that this committee believes that behind the wheel training
is the preferred way to accomplish novice commercial driver preparation.

The Federal Motor Carrier will likely take the committee’s recommendations
into consideration as it considers the issue of how to best train novice
commercial vehicle drivers.

Source: Fleet Owner, “Hours – Not Performance – Says FMCSA Driver Training Committee,” Larry Kahaner, June 5, 2015

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