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Is medical malpractice litigation a viable option for me? P.1

When a patient is injured by a negligent physician, the costs can be significant,
not only in terms of health, but also in terms of money. Naturally, patients
should expect that the medical provider will take responsibility for the
mistake and assist the patient when negligence occurs. The unfortunate
reality is that this doesn’t always happen, and medical malpractice
litigation is sometimes necessary.

medical malpractice litigation is not always an automatic decision, and it is important for those seeking
relief from a negligent physician to have their case evaluated by an experienced
attorney to determine the best course of action in their case. Whether
or not litigation is a viable option depends on various factors. One of
them is the type and extent of the injuries caused by the negligence.
Obviously, more serious injuries are going to require more corrective
medical care, which costs more money.

More serious injuries will not only require more medical care, they will
also have a bigger impact on the patient’s ability to return to
work and continue earning money. So there is not only the extent of the
injury to consider and the costs of addressing the injury medically, but
also the loss of earnings. Depending on the patient’s salary at
the time of the injury, the loss could be great or small, with high-earners
seeking out more compensation in medical malpractice litigation.

In our next post, we’ll take a look at another factor that has to
be considered when considering medical malpractice litigation: medical
malpractice damages caps.

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