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JVM Works Beyond the Courtroom to Improve Our Community by Giving Volunteer Hours & Cash Donations

Johnson, Vorhees and Martucci aggressively fights for justice in courtrooms across the 4 states.  But the struggle to make our communities better does not just happen when injuries occur.  JVM believes that we must also work tirelessly to improve our community and prevent harms from happening when we can.  We are committed to making changes for the better.  We do this by lending a helping hand and devoting our time and efforts to make out little corner of the world better.

We’re proud to share many of the ways JVM worked with others to make life better in Joplin and Springfield in 2021.

Last year, our team donated their time to serving on boards, volunteering, and supporting these organizations and causes in the Joplin and Springfield areas:

  • Alliance of SW Missouri
  • Ascent Residential Recovery
  • The United Way
  • Joplin Regional Community Foundation
  • The First Step-Victim Services of Dallas County
  • Youth Sports Leagues
  • Philanthropic Society
  • The Children’s Center
  • Fostering Hope
  • League of Women Voters of the Greater Joplin Area
  • Souls Harbor Homeless Shelter
  • The Salvation Army
  • God’s Resort
  • Young Life
  • Missouri Stream Team
  • Memorial Runs
  • Building Bridges

Joplin Third Thursday: Safety Awareness

As we did in 2021, in 2022 JVM will continue to host a booth each month from April to October in Joplin’s Third Thursday Events. Our booth features giveaways and raffles supporting important safety awareness issues, such as driver safety, fireworks safety, water safety, and more.

In addition to time and volunteer hours, we’re proud to have supported the following additional organizations through financial contributions in 2021:

  • Donors Choose
  • Isabel’s House
  • Angel Tree
  • Lafayette House
  • Watered Gardens Homeless Shelter
  • Alliance of SW Missouri
  • Applewood Lane Corporation
  • Victim’s Center
  • Ronald McDonald House

Elementary School Pride Sweatshirts & Beanies Donation

Each year, our attorneys visit a rotating list of Joplin area elementary schools to provide each student with a free sweatshirt and beanie before the cold winter months approach. As part of our on-going effort to foster self-respect and help all students in the community achieve their full potential, each article includes the school’s name and colors to encourage a sense of school pride and belonging.

JVM believes that building better communities takes daily effort and donated time and money.  We believe that by protecting people from harm, preventing accidents from happening, and advocating for victims in and out of the courtroom, our communities are one step closer to being the best versions they can be.

For more information on our community engagement, or to get involved with the great work these organizations are already doing, call us at 417-206-0100.

Truck Accidents

Senators to try to stop rollback of truck safety regulations

As far as the trucking industry is concerned, it’s always a good time to roll back regulations that restrict how long truckers can drive per day. However, in the wake of national headlines generated by thetruck accident that killed a man and left comic Tracy Morgan with critical injuries, several U.S. senators say they don’t want regulations changed to allow even more fatigued truckers on our roads. Joplin fans of

Car Accidents

Whiplash is not an insignificant injury

In the wake of motor vehicle accidents, some injuries are immediately apparent. Lacerations, broken bones, severe bruising and other injuries can usually be initially assessed with the naked eye. However, other injuries are not always visible. Internal bleeding, bone bruises, concussions and whiplash injuries can take time to become apparent. It is important to understand that “invisible” injuries are often either just as serious or more serious than visible injuries

Truck Accidents

Truck accident leaves four dead, four injured

Most truck drivers are good people who are concerned with highway safety. But as in all other lines of work, there are some who break the rules and make their peers look bad. One of the most commonsafety regulations broken in trucking is the rule restricting the hours a truck driver can drive and work in a 24-hour period: they can, at most, drive 11 hours during a maximum 14-hour

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