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Roger Johnson Receives \”Lawyer of the Year\” Award

Roger Johnson of
Johnson, Vorhees & Martucci was honored as the Best Lawyers® 2016 \”Lawyer of the Year\”
for Personal Injury Litigation in the Springfield community. Only a single
lawyer in each community can receive this honor for his or her respective
practice area. Roger was also selected by his peers for inclusion in the
22nd Edition of The Best Lawyers in America for the areas of
Medical Malpractice Law, Personal Injury Litigation and Product Liability Litigation.

Roger believes that his accomplishments in life are more to the credit
of loyal, sacrificing family, partners, and support staff. Being named
the Best Lawyers® 2016 Personal Injury Litigation \”Lawyer of
the Year\” for Springfield is gratifying to consider, but Roger realizes
that he had great company in making this happen. In reality, the shared
nature of this accomplishment makes it all the better for Roger.

Roger Alan Johnson is Managing Partner at Johnson, Vorhees & Martucci,
a Serious Injury &
Wrongful Death law firm with locations in Joplin, MO and Springfield, MO. Learn more
about Roger and JVM by visiting 4stateslaw.com or calling 800.280.9613.

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