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The National Association Of Distinguished Counsel


Founding partner of Johnson, Vorhees & Martucci, Scott J. Vorhees has
been given a rare and always well-deserved recognition by the National
Association of Distinguished Counsel (NADC) that places him in the top
one percent of all attorneys in the United States.

The NADC is a highly respected organization dedicated to promoting and
preserving the highest standards in legal practices. In their recognitions,
the NADC uses objective means to seek and distinguish attorneys who elevate
Bar standards and set prime examples in the legal community.

The NADC process for discerning the top one percent of American attorneys
includes a thorough research team, hand-selection by attorneys with podium
status in individually neutral organizations. Because this process is
rigorous, only one percent of the attorneys in the American legal community
are recongnized in this way. The list Attorney Johnson now belongs to
simply includes the finest in our industry.

Personal Injury

What Is Considered Pain and Suffering?

As many of us understand, car accidents can lead to devastating physical injuries that can impact a person’s life indefinitely. What many individuals don’t realize is how difficult it can be to recover from the emotional injuries of an accident. When it comes to car accident claims, It’s possible you have heard the term “pain and suffering.” Unlike things more easily calculated, such as medical bills and lost wages, these damages

Behind the Scenes

Client Story: Brain Trauma & Medical Negligence

As injury lawyers, we see firsthand the serious and traumatic injuries that our clients have suffered. When people ask us why we became lawyers, most already assume it’s for our own financial benefit. While there are lawyers out there who view clients as paychecks, we see them as individuals going through the worst times of their lives. We became lawyers to make a difference in the lives of those who

Truck Accidents

FMCSA may emphasize behind the wheel training for novice drivers

Sometimes, there is a clear “correct” way to accomplish a given goal. If a goal is not pursued in this specific way, the goal’s outcome will not be achieved. For example, if one wants to serve beef lasagna to several guests but chooses to use eggplant as a substitute for beef while cooking the dish, one will not be able to serve beef lasagna to those guests. However, there are

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