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Tonight\’s the night: Please be careful driving

It’s likely to be the biggest party of the year in Joplin tonight.
Revelers will see 2014 out the door and usher in a brand new year at midnight.

Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most dangerous nights of the
year to be out driving, as intoxicated people get behind the wheels of
autos and cause
car accidents that leave people with serious injuries.

A Missouri TV station reports that state troopers will be out in force
tonight, patrolling state highways and on the lookout for erratic drivers
who might be drunk.

A Missouri Highway Patrol trooper offered some advice for traveling safely tonight:

  • Under no conditions should you drink and drive tonight or any night of the year
  • If you do plan to drink alcohol, designate a sober driver to get you and
    friends and family home
  • If you can’t get a designated driver, get a taxi cab to take you home
  • Even if you don’t drink alcohol, be a defensive driver – there
    might well be others less cautious than you out on Joplin’s streets
  • Check the weather reports tonight before you go out; in that way, you’ll
    know in advance if you need to be prepared for adverse conditions
  • If you see a drunken driver, call the police

Drunken drivers injure scores of people across the U.S. on New Year’s
Eve and injure thousands more over the course of the year. If you or a
loved one is hurt in a car accident caused by an inebriated driver, speak
with an experienced attorney about full, fair compensation for medical
bills, lost wages and other damages.

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