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What you should do after a car accident

Don’t be unprepared for a car accident. Take the time to keep yourself
informed about what steps to take right after and even proactive measures.

The unexpected has happened. You were on your way to work. You were driving
to the grocery store. You were just stopping by a friend\’s house.
However, your day has been completely interrupted because you have just
been in a car accident. This is something that happens to almost everyone
at some point in their life. What can make a significant difference in
an automobile crash is what you choose to do afterwards. Knowledge is
key in this situation. Below are some helpful tips and even some precautionary
measures you can take right now.


Proactive steps can truly help in a
car accident situation. They include first, making sure your car insurance is valid and up to
date. Have this information readily available in your glove compartment.
Second, you should store safety equipment in your car in case of an accident.
This could include a first aid-kit to help with injuries as well as small
orange cones to block off the accident site. Also, for inclement weather
it is smart to have a blanket and emergency supplies in case you are stuck
in a snow storm or trapped in a less-populated area.


Here are some steps you should take immediately after you are involved
in a car accident. Keep in mind if you are seriously injured, it is best
to not move until help arrives. But if you are still able to drive, the
following steps are important:

  • Remain calm and check to make sure you are okay. Check to make sure your
    passengers are also okay. Slow and steady breaths are important to staying calm.
  • Move your vehicle to a secure area as close to the accident site as possible.
    This could be simply pulling over to the side of the road so traffic can
    safely continue or into a parking lot. Put your hazard lights on so vehicles
    know that you are stopped.
  • Once you are safely parked, call the police or dial 911. If you do not
    have access to a cell phone, go to the nearest phone if you are able to.
    You can also ask to borrow a passerby or witness\’ phone.
  • After you have called for help or the police, reach out to your insurance
    carrier as soon as possible. Provide information about what happened.


Now that you are in a secure place and have properly notified the police
and your insurance carrier, you should take the time to get as much witness
testimony as you can. There is no better time than at the time of the
accident to obtain this information. Witness recollection is fresh, and
it could be difficult to locate and contact witnesses later on. Do not
be afraid to get names, addresses and phone numbers of witnesses. Take
pictures with your phone and capture video of the accident scene. You
can even take a video of a witness who is willing to give you his or her
statement. The more evidence you have, the better as this is helpful for
your attorney.


Always be cooperative with police. You do not have to admit fault, but
you should answer their questions in a reasonable manner. You should not
agree or sign any type of settlement offer. Speak to an attorney instead.
He or she can then give you experienced legal counsel.

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